Wednesday, February 14, 2007

leading actor

(whitaker. for sure.)

leonardo de caprio- blood dimond-leo wants dimond from djimon. lots of screaming. sounds horrable.-(clips)

ryan gosling- half nelson-so likely not to win, i don't even want to tell you the plot. something about a teacher who takes drugs.-

peter o'toole-venus-looks like the BEST actor, just propably not the one who is going to win. old man makes frends with best freinds niece. they eatch make eatch other more like eatch other.-

will smith-the pursuit of happyness-homeless man talks to son.based on life of chris gardener.-

forest whitaker-the last king of scotland-ladies and gentalmen,we have a winner... -scottish guy becomes whitaker's doctar. dos'n't like him. okay, that's an understatement.-

remember to tell me who you think will win!


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